Detecting illegal skipped car in HDB parking with TDS system

Detecting illegal skipped car in HDB parking with TDS system
The TDS, that can be mobile has the capacity to detect bikes which skip without even paying the parking fees HDB, the automobile park gantries.


The identification of automobiles that skip or tailgate gantries would entail a procedure of scanning CCTV footage and assessing the vehicles’ charge documents.

By making use of a system of detectors located in the leaves of the Electronic Parking Strategy (EPS) auto parks.

TDS steps the distance between vehicles as they approach the vehicle park gantries.

The fees would be S$ 50 for automobiles, S$ 25 for bikes and S$ 80 for cars.

Entrance and exit documents gathered from in-vehicle components (IU) in the gantries are the base for parking prices for HDB car parks equipped with EPS

HDB stated that it had issued over 6,000 parking offence notices.

EPS car parks will install TDS in which are a quantity of tailgating episodes, it included.

The TDS also can improve police measures from tailgating drivers who try to evade parking fees, HDB stated in its press launch.


TDS action on the pilot installment.

HDB stated it discovered the total of 130 vehicles that interrupting or had tailgated the automobile park gantries.

The footage is immediately recorded by the machine when tailgating is discovered.

Details like the automobile’s details, time and date of this event will be listed.

In comparison to the procedure is efficient and more effective, it included.

In 1 instance, a girl has been also sentenced a total of S$5,600in a car park in Bedok North Avenue.

She later pleads guilty to seven counts of failing to pay parking fees totaling S$226.21,  at August 2017, HDB stated.

This article was first published on Channel NewsAsia.