LTA announced New Car Parking Standard 2019 for Private Development

LTA announced New Car Parking Standard 2019 for Private Development
LTA explained that it will introduce compulsory prerequisites for bicycle parking provision from most progress to make sure fresh developments cater for bike lots.

allocation parking standard for the automobile and bicycle parking lot supply demand for progress will as much asĀ 5 percent.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) declared this announcement on Friday (9 November).

The parking standards may exude programmers greater flexibility in handling parking provisions

in line with the demands of their developments.

LTA maintains that it has made important progress to our public transportation system within the previous decades.

We’ve added new railway lines and bus solutions assembled integrated transportation hubs

and enlarged our community of paths and biking paths.

Meanwhile, according to present practice, the jurisdiction mentioned that the parking provided over the upper bound below

Gross Floor Area (GFA) quantum of this advancement in given land uses will include the RPPS frame.

These have enhanced and created cycling, walking and taking public transportation.

We also have reduced the automobile growth rate for automobiles.

Also bikes from 0.25percent per annum to 0 percent from February 2018 onwards”

The parking supply requirements for progress within Zones 1 and 2 below the RPPS are as follows:

Zone 1: For both industrial (office, retail, food, and drink (F&B), and also resort ),

non-residential white website, and personal residential (condos and apartments) utilizes.

and the upper bound by 20 percent by the CPS minimal benchmark.

Zone two: For retail, food, and drink (F&B), and resort uses,

the lower bound will be lowered by 50 percent by the CPS minimal benchmark.

For office applications, 50% will reduce the lower bound, and 20% by the CPS benchmark will reduce the upper bound.

An Overview of RCPS this RPPS and CPS is famous for reference.


Especially in regions adheres into the public transportation system, also free up more land to neighborhood spaces and slopes.

Deficiency rates may be incurred by deviations in parking supply above or under the parking supply prerequisites.

LTA will evaluate any program to deviate from the array of parking conditions to a case-by-case foundation.

That will be to make certain that any deviation in parking supply won’t result in disamenities.


This article was first published on The Online Citizen.