New MPs must pay HDB parking fees and $250 yearly at Parliament

New MPs must pay HDB parking fees and $250 yearly at Parliament
At present, new MPs may submit an application to get a yearly license at $365.

That ensures parking prices in HDB carparks and Parliament House.

But elected MPs may additionally use the license to park at any Housing Board (HDB) carpark.

Such as year parking a lot when they perform constituency work.

This is all about one-fifth of the HDB year parking fee for a single year.


The parking problem came under the spotlight earlier this season after the Government’s choice to begin charging educators for parking within their own colleges.

She added the new $250 parking license is”predicated on MPs’ typical yearly parking use at Parliament House,

also offered to Parliament House’s public carpark speed”.

It had raised concerns on whether MPs cover similar charges once in Parliament on the official company.

Even the Ministry of National Development had stated in June the MPs aren’t billed the complete HDB year parking speed.

Since they don’t park overnight or complete day in their constituencies.

They, though, might need to pay the prevailing short-term parking fees through the digital parking program or the Parking.SG cell program.

In terms of Non-Constituency and Nominated MPs, they now can park in the limited employees’ carpark in Parliament House at no cost.

This article was first published at The Strait Times.